Lying is popular these days

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m incredibly happy that depression is finally getting its, well, its time in the sun. I won’t say it can’t bloom in the sun, because that would be a lie as blatant as what depression tells the brain and body it possesses.

I’m starting to see people assuming that they can spot depression from what they’ve seen in a few 30 second ads though. Highly functional depressed people don’t look or act depressed. Sometimes they’re the life of the party. They’re just turned off inside.

I’m trying to come to the core of what I need to do to climb the hill in front of me. While I do this I’ll go to work, kiss my kids, and even have sex with my husband. I’ll smile. I’ll even laugh. But the shades are drawn, my happy meter will max out at 5 of 10, and the whole time I’ll wonder how soon I can escape.

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